Colorado Ranches for Sale: Critical Issues to Not Overlook

When considering Colorado ranches for sale, it’s critical to understand the purchase of a farm or ranch involves issues that are not typically confronted by the buyer of a residential, commercial or just about any other type of property. Particularly in the West, there are many complex issues and particularities of western water real property laws and local customs that need to be considered...

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New Listing Alert - Costilla Irrigated Farm and Ranch / Southern Colorado

The Costilla Irrigated Farm and Ranch is one of the largest irrigated farms offered in the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado. A combination of farm ground and ranch land consisting of 14,035 +/- deeded acres, consisting primarily of excellent potato producing soils as well as good soils for crops including alfalfa, wheat, oats and other small grains. This is a well established farm located within easy access to shipping routes.

Fresh Water for Your Horses. All Day. All Winter.

Any livestock owner that lives in a climate that has harsh winters will tell you how much they dread watering their animals during the cold winter days. That is, unless they have a heated automatic waterer that has been properly installed...

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Hall and Hall Partner Discusses Montana Conservation Easements

A well-crafted conservation easement can benefit both the land and the land owner by maintaining a ranch in its current form and protecting both the agricultural and natural values that make our landscape so special...

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